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Companies have faced with the ultimate and unprecedented multidiscipline type of the pandemic crises that concerns economic, social, technological, political macro-marketing environments. Most scientists and market experts highlighted that this global event had been unexpected for all companies in every market and it created unexpected crisis consequences for the future. According to this point of view, this makes it possible for market experts to implement in order to the pandemic of the coronaviruse diseaseCOVID-19 the term “the black swan” which the appearance is impossible to predict. But it is necessary for not only companies and entrepreneurs, but also for scientists, politicians, world leaders and global social organizations to implement business forecasting into their marketing activities effectively to avoid such kind the multidiscipline crises in the future. In the article some global facts, forecasts and the dynamic of the global risks were separated and analyzed. The pandemic of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 simultaneously corresponds with some early predicted the most likelihood global risks such as the social risks, natural disasters and weapons of mass destruction. In contrast to popular presumption, these global macro-marketing factors have predicted earlier the influenza pandemic and the next global economic crisis by 2020. On the basis of the conducted study the forecast of new influenza pandemics during the next three decades was proposed. There is a trend of unsynchronization of the global economy that is also intensified on the basis of the social, technological, political and economic consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in contrast to the fact that this crisis has started synchronic. In was demonstrated on the basis of the study of economy recovery processes of the different countries that the global economy future recovery would follow the K-shaped recovery. It was shown that companies will have to learn how to prepare themselves to such kind of marketing riskiness and big global challenges and work out appropriate long-term marketing strategies on the basis of analogies with successful experience of the Asian countries. The article demonstrates the necessity and importance for the companies to conduct the long-term dynamical multidiscipline marketing researches covering different branches of science and the global economy.

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business forecasting, marketing activity, riskiness, dynamic multidiscipline marketing researches, multidiscipline crises, K-shaped recovery, coronavirus disease COVID-19

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